Welcome to Mandalas by Juliette.  A mandala talks to you .. you have an individual connection .. you can meditate, relax of feel empowered by it.

Each mandala has a story behind it. Here you can find some of my work.  Some mandalas are create based on inner feelings and others are created on commission for others (Netherlands, Spain, Chile, Italy, Portugal, USA, …) or as a personalised gift with your name and personal colours.

I invite you to go through the collection and see what you experience and feel when looking at them. I use acrylic over canvas and wood, the dotting technique over canvas and wood. Hope you enjoy it and if you are interested feel free to contact me.

Benefits of having a mandala or painting one

FEELINGS FREE (tension, anxiety, fear, worry, ..) and PAIN FREE as your brain enters into a meditative state
BEING HERE NOW by focusing on the present, helps you achieve mindfulness
REDUCES STRESS levels by relaxing and healing the mind, body and spirit.
EXPRESSING FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS without judging, as you have the freedom to express them in a non-threatening way.
NO TECHNOLOGY NEEDED  just your hands and some colours and/paint.
ANYBODY CAN DO IT  from 0 – 99 years old.

P.s – Do you wear CONTACT LENSES or know someone who does? please read my story – bringing awareness contact lenses don’t mix with water = Acanthamoeba Keratitis